After painting a room, don't skip these final touchup steps. VIDEO

The final step to painting a room is touching up and cleaning up. Watch John Burbidge, author of Watching Paint Dry, as he cleans up inevitable mistakes made while painting.

As always with John, there is some really good info in here. Here are some of my favorite tips and techniques.

Consider a smaller brush. Although John usually recommends painting with a 3 1/2" brush, this is the one place where a small brush may be better.

If you want to repair and edge by masking it, prevent the paint from bleeding under the masking tape by pushing it down hard and then removing it immediately.

When touching up the ceiling from roller bumps, dab the brush to simulate roller texture. That'll help it blend in.

To clean paint that bled under your tape, or got on your hinges, natural wood trim, knobs, etc, use a damp rag around a putty knife. Use a razor for any paint splattered on windows.

Getting new electrical faceplates is a cheap way to make the room look extra fresh.

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