Build this beautiful "wall hanging thing" in a few hours. VIDEO

Chris Salamone from Foureyes Furniture built a beautiful "wall hanging thing" and he filmed it. He did it in an afternoon.

You can use it to hang coats, bags, keys... whatever.

There are some things I want to point out.

If you don't have a jointer (very few people I know do), then you can use your table saw as a jointer. Just make sure your blade is square to the table.

You pretty much need a stacked dado blade for this project if you want it to look the same.

Painting is optional. Painting a recessed area and sanding the paint off the surface is a common technique. You might be able to get the same results by masking the surface with tape.

Chris used a French cleat for hanging. It has a nice asthetic, holding the piece slightly off the wall. It's also a good way to secure your wall hanging thing to the studs without having any visible hardware.

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