How to make a room look taller.

A little extra height in a room, whether real or perceived, is always a good thing. Here are six quick ways to make your room look taller without major construction work.

1. Paint the ceiling white

A white ceiling lightens the room and seems to lift the ceiling higher. And it only takes a couple hours and a can of paint.

White Ceiling

2. Hang window treatments higher

Mounting the shades close to the ceiling gives the illusion that the room is taller than it is. Robert Courturier, one of Architectural Digest's Top 100 Designers, says, "I mount the shades outside and all the way at the top of the walls. That always adds a sense of height."

Hang Window Treatments High

3. Design with vertical lines on your walls

Using floor-to-ceiling elements like vertical stripes, a full-length bookcase, or even stacking picture frames vertically creates lines that draw our eyes up. That makes us feel that the room is taller.

Vertical Lines

4. Use low furniture

Keeping your furniture line low gives the illusion that the rest of the room is taller than it is. It also keeps the furniture from blocking incoming window light, which brightens the room and makes it look taller still.

Use Low Furniture

5. Remove crown molding

If your ceiling is already low, bringing it lower with crown molding will only accentuate it. In cases like this, consider removing the crown molding or at least using a much thinner profile.

Remove Crown Molding

6. Use recessed lighting

Lights hanging down will make the ceiling look shorter. To avoid that, use recessed lighting which let you make use of the full ceiling height.

Recessed Lighting

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