This is the right way to paint interior trim. VIDEO

John Burbidge, from How to Paint a House Right, recommends painting trim last to avoid splattering wall paint on your trim. He's got lots of great pro tips in his video walkthrough.

Here are some of my favorite tips.

Where the ends of your masking tape need to be exact, use more tape than you need and then trim it with a razor.

Don't forget to tape the floors to paint the baseboard. For carpet, actually get the tape underneath the baseboard to avoid getting paint on your carpet. For hard flooring, just tape as close as you can to the baseboard.

Remove the tape around the baseboard 20-30 minutes after painting. You want to get it off before the paint dries completely, so you don't accidentally peel off the paint.

The easiest way to paint a door is to remove it, lean it up against a wall (protecting the wall with paper), and prop it up on two sticks. John tapes the doorknob and paints around it with a brush, but I prefer removing the hardware completely.

Don't mask between the wall and trim. The paint is likely to bleed under the tape. You can get better results by cutting the line freehand. For the trim around doors and windows, leave a hair unpainted.

For the baseboards, do the opposite: paint a hair onto the wall. These two techniques create the illusion of a perfect line from a normal viewing angle.

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