Watch how to repair a drywall crack. VIDEO

Sometimes as a house settles, a fine crack will show up in the drywall. The repair is simple: Fill crack with joint compound and embed joint tape. Finish with two more coats of compound.

In this video from the FIX IT Home Improvement Channel, Jacy Elsesser will show you how to get professional results. Done right, you won't even see there was a crack or any work done there.

Notice these key tips.

Jacy chose to use joint tape, so if there is a recrack it would be hidding under the tape. I prefer joint tape to fiberglass mesh because it does more to hide potential recracks.

The edges of each coat is feathered so that it blends flush with the wall. This is a little challenging if you're not used to working with joint compound, but spend the time to get it right. Do not count on sanding to get a smooth wall.

Each coat is wider than the last. The repair raises the surface slightly. The wider the area blends more gradually into the wall, making the repair virtually invisible.

As you go wider, use a larger knife to get fewer knife marks as you work.

Let each coat dry completely before applying the next, knocking off high spots between coats. Lightly sand as needed before priming and painting.

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