Weekend project: DIY shelf using industrial pipe.

It's surprisingly easy to build your own shelf using industrial pipe. The look is really unique and works in many home styles from rustic to modern.

Industrial Pipe Desk & Shelves

That desk with shelves sells for $1099. Imagine buying the materials yourself and putting that together this weekend.

Tom Silva from This Old House covers the basics of working with pipe to put together a simple shelf.

Tommy uses a butcher block, but you can use any flat material for the shelves. People tend to use wood to contrast the steel frame.

Notice how the holes are sized so that the pipe fits snug. That prevents any movement in the shelves.

And that's just one of many variations. Once you get the basic idea, you can design your own shelf based on your own needs. There are countless ways to change it up.

Built-in bookshelf

Fix it to your wall as a built-in bookshelf. Build it any size you need.

Industrial Pipe Built-in Bookshelf

Add a clothes Hanger

Add a clothes hanger underneath the shelf. I like how the black pipe serves double duty in this design. The shelf here looks like standard 2x6 lumber. If you buy it at the right length, you wouldn't even need to make any cuts.

Black Pipe Clothes Hanger & Shelf

Suspended shelves

Suspend the shelves from the ceiling or wall.

Industrial Pipe Suspended Shelves

Use a small space

Be creative with a small space.

Industrial Pipe Shelves in Nook

This is great when you can't find a premade piece that fits, because you can really customize the layout for whatever space you have.

Get crazy

Get a little wacky with it.

Industrial Pipe Artistic Shelves

Notice how a lot of those designs don't involve drilling big holes into the wood shelves. So you can potentially get this done with very few tools.

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